9 - Make Layers

This weeks assignment is devoted to just spending time playing with multiple layer structures on the class floor looms

Materials #

Item Qty Location
Weft Yarns (at least 2 different colors) as much as you like in class
Scissors 1 you
Warped 8-Shaft Loom 1 in class

Requirements #

Spend 2 hours weaving on one of the 8-shaft looms (an appointment calendar is available via Canvas). In this session, focus on making woven cloth that has multiple layers (e.g. double, triple, quadruple cloth). Weave a 2" tabby header after your work to prep the loom for the next person.

What To Document In Your Weekly #

Document your layer play experiments. For example, you might play using different colors on the layers, alternating those colors, and or alternating the number of layers you are weaving into the cloth in different sections. You might try to create openings on the sides? Can you create double cloth such that one side is closed and the other open (so when you cut it off, it folds out). Can you weave a structure other than tabby on a two layer structure? Tailor this assignment to your comfort and understanding of layers and have fun.

Turn In #

Turn your documentation into Canvas. Leave your swatches on the loom and we’ll cut them off during class.