10 - Functional Yarns

9. Weaving with Functional Yarns #

This week, you’re going to play with elastics to see what kinds of effects they bring out in different structures.

Materials #

Item Qty Location
Weft Yarns as much as you like in class
Elastic 10yd kit
Scissors 1 you
Warped 8-Shaft Loom 1 in class
Clamps and Weights (DIY Temple) 2 in class

Requirements #

Spend 2 hours weaving on one of the 8 shaft looms, or your cricket loom, integrating elastic into your structures. I reccomend you don’t weave every pic with elastic, but focus on how you might integrate every 3 or 4 pics.

Make 2 3" swatches that showcase the elastic in 2 different structures. Make sure to use a temple while you weave and integrate the elastic in its stretched state. The temple will hold the width of the weave even those the stretched elastic want’s to collapse it. Weave 2" of non-elastic tabby between each of your structures. Play with structures that have different arranements of floats and see how this affects the structure. If you remove the temple and relax the weft (e.g. roll it off the cloth beam a bit.) You should be able to see the effect of the elastic on the structure.

What To Document In Your Weekly #

Document the different drafts representing the structure used in each section as well as the structures you created. What did you change between teh two structures and why?

Turn In #

Turn your documentation into Canvas. Leave your swatches on the loom and we’ll cut them off during class.