11 - Put it In a Pocket

11. Put It In A Pocket #

This week, we’ll combine routing via supplemental wefts and multi-layered structures to make a circuit that involves putting something in a pocket.

Materials (you may not need all of these) #

Item Qty Location
Conductive Thread or wire 2 yds kit
Electrical Component 1 kit or class
Needle and Thread 1 kit
Multimeter 1 you
8 Shaft Loom 1 class

Requirements #

You are welcome to scale this assignment to your comfort level by choosing one of the following options:

Option 1 (Less Difficulty): Take an off the shelf component (e.g. led, resistor, vibration motor, battery pack, reed switch, ball tilt switch, light sensor, LED) Connect it to two long conductive yarns or silicone coated wires. Insert the component in between 2 layers while you are weaving and weave the long wire ends into the structure in such as way that allows you to easily connect your connectors to them.

Option 1

Option 2 (More Difficulty): Envision and create your own component that leverages a two layer structure. This might be a 3V battery holder (e.g. with a conductive lead on top and bottom of the pocket), a force sensor (with leads in top and bottom of the pocket and conductive felt or velostat between), or a switch that requires the top and bottom layers to touch in order to activate some component. Weave in any long wires into the structure in such as way that allows you to easily connect your connectors to them.

Option 2

Option 3 (Most Difficulty): Complete Option 1 or 2 while also integrating the rest of your circuity in the textile structure itself. This might include routing a battery to a switch to an LED, attaching soft and hard components, or weaving in your own voltage dividing circuitry.

Option 3

What To Document In Your Weekly #

In your weekly, explore how you are going to route the wires so that they allow for easy connections; also identify and explore the challenges that you encounter in this process. Ask how might you connect the hard components to the textile in a way that makes them decorative?

Turn In #

Turn your documentation into Canvas. Cut and finish your swatches and bring them to class.