1 - Make A Book Loom

Make A Book Loom #

This week, we’re going to start making a loom and playing with the loom’s form using a book and found materials. The goal is to start to understand the mechanics of weaving.

Materials #

Item Qty Location
Statex Conductive Thread 12" kit
Dowel or Chop Stick 1 kit
Popsicle Sticks 2 kit
Masking Tape 6" you
A Book you Don’t Need for 2 Weeks 1 you
Fork 1 you
Table Knife 1 you
2-3 Colors of Yarn 2 yds each In class

Requirements #

Watch this video:

Repeat the process to make a loom with the following specifications. Your loom should have at least 20 ends/warps and use at least 2 colors. Weave two colors in any combination in the weft. Integrate at least 12" of the Statex conductive thread in your kit into the weave by any means you imagine. Leave at least one end of the conductive thread accessible, so you can connect something to it. Weave something that relates to the contents of the book.

What To Document In Your Weekly #

In your weekly, document at least three techniques that you tried on the book loom to add in different colors and/or the conductive yarn and then ask yourself what else could you make a loom out of?

Turn In #

Turn your documentation into Canvas. Bring your book loom and weave to class.

Acknowledgements #

Thank you to Marianne Fairbanks for providing the video and advice to aid the assignment.