Paper Weaving

Paper Weaving #

This worksheet guides you through a first weave using a paper loom. Follow the instructions on the right.

Paper Weaving Worksheet

Mapping your Experience to Terminology #

When you were following the instructions, you were implicitly performing the movements and actions of both the weaver and loom. Specifically:

  • you followed a “DRAFT” which was the grid of black and what cells that communicated the weaving process. You read the draft as a computer would, from bottom to top.

  • when you lifted up a paper warp, you were doing the job of a “HEDDLE”. Implicitly, your movements (lift or not) were controlled by the color of the corresponding cell in the draft. Black meant lift, white/lowered. The space you created between the lifted and lowered paper warps is called the “SHED”

  • when you inserted the paper into the warp, you were inserting the “WEFT”. When you pressed it atop the previous warp, you were doing the job of the “BEATER”.

Bonus #

If you feel up for a challenge, follow the second challenge on the bottom right to make a two layer weave.

Download the PDF #