Material List

Material List #

While most equipment required for the class will be provided, we are asking students to purchase a few materials on their own, as they are ones we expect some might already own. After the first half of the class, each student will refine their direction and may need access to more specific equipment and supplies. In that case, we have created a “library” for you to check out or take materials as they are required. The instructor will introduce which materials are available and how to access the materials library during the semester.

Where to Shop Locally #

We have provided links to places where you can order other essential or helpful materials. But there are also some local suppliers you can obtain more general textile supplies and equipment from:

  • Art Parts is a local non-profits that we love and where we have obtained most materials for the course (and at a discounted price). They have an amazing selection of donated textile materials and equipments that you can purchase. Some of these materials are much higher quality than you would find at a craft retailer like Michaels or Joannes.
  • Joanne’s is located very close to campus and has general purpose textile supplies.

Essentials #

Essential materials are those required to complete the course assignments. We will either expect you to obtain these in the first week of class or will provide them to you during class. Items with an X in the “You” Column are those we expect you to provide. Those in the “Course” column will be provided to you through the distribution of the kit.

Item You Course Link to Product For Reference
Multimeter X Amazon - 12.99
Sewing Needles X Amazon - 3.99, Local
Fabric Scissors X Amazon - 14.18, Local
10" Cricket Loom optional X Most of your projects will use this and you will share it with a partner. If you want to buy one for yourself, you can do so here: 10" Schacht Cricket Loom - 200.00
Seeed Studio Microcontrollers X Amazon - 10.00
Flexible Tape Measure X Amazon - 3.59
Lighter X Just grab one at your local grocery store
Masking Tape X Just grab some at your local grocery store
Notebook with Sheet Protectors X For storing worksheets and samples Amazon - 6.64

Other Useful Materials #

You may find it useful to have other materials accessible but there are ways you can complete the class without these as well. You may wish to purchase yourself or will be accessible (on a first come first served bases) through the course materials library.

Item Link to Product Possible To Check Out?
T Pins Amazon - 5.69, Local No
Needle Nose Pliers Amazon - 5.69, Local No
Macro-lens for Smart Phone Order Here No
Soldering Iron, Helping Hands, Etc. Yes
USB Microscope Order Here No
Assorted Yarns Yes
Assorted Threads
Sewing Machine + Supplies Yes

Equipment #

As a member of this class you will have acces to different forms of textile production equipment. To use this equipment, you must schedule a time with your instructor.

Item Qty Location
15" 4 Shaft Table Loom 1 TBD
15" 8 Shaft Table Loom 2 TBD
28" 8 Shaft Floor Loom 2 TBD
43" TC2 Digital Jaquard Loom 1 Unstable Design Lab *requires instructor permission and training
Sewing Machine 1 Unstable Design Lab
Studio HILO Digital Spinning Machine 1 Unstable Design Lab

Class Kits #

As a member of this class you will also be given a kit of consumable materials that will hlep you with class assignments. Please return the bags and the materials you did not use at the end of the semester.

Item Qty Used In
Statex Conductive Thread 3 yards Weeklies 1, 5, and 6
Dowels 3 Weeklies 1 and 3
Popsicle Sticks 2 Weekly 1
Paracord 10' Weekly 2
Silicone Coated Wire 15' Weeklies 2 and 6
Shrink Tubing 5 Weekly 2
Quilt Clips 10 Weekly 2
Conductive Tape 12" Weekly 2
Magnet Wire 5 yds Weekly 4
Magnetic Beads 3 Weekly 4
9V Battery 1 Weeklies 4 and 5
4.7 kOhm Resistor 5 Weekies 4, 5, 6
Needle 1 Several Weeklies
Photoresistors 5 Weekly 6
LED 3 Weekly 6
Elastic 3 yds Weekly 10