3 - Warp and Weave

3. Warp and Weave #

This week, your goal is to work with your partner to warp your cricket loom with 3 - 4 yards of cloth, 4-5 inches wide. If you missed class, you can follow the instructions in Resources->Warping Instructions. You will need 1-2 hours for warping if it is your first time.

Materials #

Item Qty Location
Warping Yarn 200 yards in class
Weft/Filling Yarns 50 yds in class
4 Irwin Clamps or a Warping Board 1 in class
Dowels 2 kit
Scissors 1 you
Loom Clamps 2 in loom kit
Heddles 1 in loom kit
Heddle Hook 1 in loom kit
Apron Rods 2 in loom kit (or on loom itself)
Cricket Loom 1 in loom kit
Stick Shuttles 2 in loom kit

Requirements #

Each student should weave 3, 3-4” sections that each experiment with a different techniques and color variations. Between each of your sections, weave at least 2" of a basic tabby (in a single contrast color with a yarn about the same size as the warp). You’ll need this when we cut your swatches off the loom in class!

What To Document In Your Weekly #

Your weekly should focus on this weaving phase of the process, and investigate different possibilities within the tabby weave structure. What if you use more than one color? What if you don’t weave across the entire width? What happens when you weave with materials that have very different thicknesses? What happens if you pull your yarn out of the shed and then back in (to float over the surface).

Turn In #

Turn in your documentation via Canvas. Bring the swatches to class on the loom.

During class, we’ll cut them off the loom and study them.