7 - Reverse Drafting

7. Reverse Drafting #

This weekly will dive deeper into woven structure by focusing on a method of cloth analysis called “reverse drafting”

Materials #

Item Qty Used In
1 x 1 swatch to take apart 1 in class
T-pin 1 in class
Pencil + Colored Pencils 1 you
Reverse Drafting Worksheet 1 here

Requirements #

  1. Complete the reverse drafting worksheet with a swatch that will be provided to you in class. Follow each step on the worksheet carefully. Please bring your physical worksheet to class on Oct 10 for grading as part of this weekly.

What To Document In Your Weekly #

Unlike other weeks, this week is less about experimentation than documenting what challenges you came across in the process. Do you best to document and describe those challenges in your weekly.

Turn In #

Turn your documentation into Canvas. Bring your worksheet to class on Monday